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Company Overview

Who are we?

SM2D Inc., based in Austin, Texas, is a sub-set of C2I Inc., a private holding company based in Texas with a portfolio of 20+ businesses and a network of nearly 300 contractors from 17 countries around the world.

What is SM2D’s main goal?

Our goal is to provide operational deployment within specific target markets, with the aim of selling their services and products via licensing.

What are SM2D’s key activities?

SM2D’s key activities are:

  • Competitive Intelligence: Using similar concepts and technologies to maximize the value of SM2D’s clients’ companies and therefore strengthening and protecting IP.
  • Collective Intelligence: Staying flexible enough to adapt according to the maturity of the project, the company and the acceptance as well as the readiness of the target market.

Which markets do we target?

SM2D's mission is to ensure the successful development of technologies in five specific areas:

  • Health: Managing the flow of data within the medical field.
  • Retail: Managing electronic transactions, targeting a single market approach.
  • Event: Managing electronic transactions during an event process.
  • Financial: Managing and securing financial transactions.
  • Self-Sufficient: Managing flow in the production and consumption of utilities such as water and energy.

What are the advantages of conducting business in Texas?

By nature, Texas law is protective for entrepreneurs including foreigners, particularly concerning intellectual property.

  • Furthermore, Texas had the top two largest growing metro areas (Dallas and Houston) and three (Midland, Odessa, and Austin) of the top 10 fastest growing Metro areas in the USA.
  • Texas law governs our contracts and our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Profits are not taxed and owners/founders benefit from preferential taxation on capital gains.
  • Incorporating in Texas offers protection for Officers and Directors from personal liability against any lawsuits or business debts arising from the operation of the corporation or by actions committed on behalf of the corporation.
  • The extent of liability exposure is limited to the amount of initial investment.


How do we protect our clients and their businesses?

Our approach is to provide a thorough analysis of the legal and financial structures in place. We guide our clients in an extremely customized 'one-on-one' analysis giving them access to a strategy of maximum shareholders' value creation.
SM2D gathers juridical and financial competences to optimize the value of the IP packages.

The proposed strategy towards international business must also take into account the various jurisdictions.

How do we increase the value of our clients’ businesses and offers?

The protection of knowledge or Intellectual Property is of utmost importance for us. To achieve this, we work in writing the processes as a technical component but also considering marketing and legal qualification by the market in a very short cycle.

Our specialized licenses are therefore based on copyrights, technical and functional descriptions and valorized through these acts of license committing the parties in good economic balance.

What are the characteristics of a license?

Holders of IP rights, such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, can license these rights to others in return for payment. Licenses grant rights without transferring ownership of the intellectual property – for example, for use of technology, for publishing and entertainment purposes, or for merchandising and use of trademarks.

Which aspects of this “know-how” are covered by a license?

Our licensing goals for our client covers three distinct parts:

  • Right of the market to access a know-how - the basis of a claim for intellectual property.
  • Right of industrialization depending on the evolution of the offer based on accurate descriptions of materials and equipment – the possibility of additional revenue. (Optional)
  • Right of customization that allows claiming recurring services on a subscription or 'Fee For Service' (FFS).

What are the advantages of breaking into markets through licensing?

  • Licensing allows our clients to break into markets by optimizing deployment time and establishing a whole battery of actions for international deployment. These actions represent a true investment, depreciable usually only after 3 to 4 years according to market benchmarks.
  • Being concentrated on product improvements and customization to meet market demands.
  • Lowered technology costs, as our job is to convert costs into revenue. This is largely accomplished through the process of delegating the charges to expert partners in charge of managing specific parts of the value chain.
  • Outsourcing the responsibility of production, assembly, and product set-up according to the specifications set out in the license agreement.
  • Turn the burden of technology management into an opportunity to offer customized services ensuring a recurring income.

What are the steps at 90 days after signature?

SM2D provides the following organization and due diligence prior to any commercial release:

  • Audit Phase (technical, structure, juridical, financial, commercial)
  • Valuation Phase (Corporate structure, protection of Intellectual Property, establishing contracts License, establishment of all the elements of structure (s) and contracts)
  • Improvement Phase (Gathering complementary technologies if needed, creating marketing materials based on client’s expertise, development of a range of customized services and more)
  • Commercialization Phase (Selling licenses to maximize ROI and shareholders’ value and generate quick and recurring cash flow, monitoring and support the scalability and deployment to any exit strategy)

Business Model

What is our business model?

Fixed Remuneration:

SM2D always requires payment of a 'retainer' at time of contract signature, which is meant to offset the shared risk of implementing the development phase in the short term, to optimize the time and cost to market by gathering expert teams around the project.

Variable Remuneration:

SM2D is paid in 3 ways and only in the steps listed below:

  1. Commission on the sales generated by SM2D over 5 years.
  2. Commission on the funds provided through SM2D.
  3. Commission on the value of a possible merger if initiated by SM2D.

What are the revenue opportunities for our clients?

  • Revenue from production: A license is sold for our client.
  • Revenue from services: Integration in a value-chain of services, which are customized and paid by a Fee-For-Service (FFS).
  • Remuneration for R&D: Licensing contract allowing the support of funding for the client’s R&D.
  • Remuneration for customization: All modifications and optimizations of the product/service being sold via licensing generate a revenue.