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SM2D Competitive and collective intelligence

Innovation with respect to tradition

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Competitive & Collective Intelligence

We turn technology valuable for the greater good. At SM2D, we’re focused on making technology valuable where it's needed most. This may be helping a Sudanese farmer securely make mobile payments, securing health records for people in France, establishing clean energy for a housing development in Dallas, or providing viewers with an entirely new experience at global landmarks like The Pyramids of Giza.

To accomplish this, SM2D identifies and embraces emerging ideas, technology, and clients in 5 distinct markets healthcare, financial, environment, e-commerce, and events. We fortify those passions and products through our proprietary and customized program called “C2I,” and then market the results through our targeted licensing strategy that creates value for the greater good, our clients, partners and ourselves.

We turn technology valuable for the greater good

Who’s behind SM2D?

Accomplishing this for dozens of businesses and technologies in SM2D’s portfolio involves a team of experienced senior entrepreneurs and management executives, investment companies in Europe and the United States, a non-profit foundation, and nearly 300 specialized contractors and consultants in 17 countries. Founded in 2006, SM2D is based in Austin, Texas.

Why we do what we do?

Today’s venture-backed startup world is simply warped and broken. What the “market” says is valuable frequently is not necessarily good for society, or even what we as people need to grow and flourish. Our approach isn’t biased toward those with money (and the inequality that results), rather, it’s biased toward what creates value for the greater good, with a keen focus on healthcare, financial, environment, e-commerce and events.

How SM2D works?

SM2D aggregate people,ideas,companies


SM2D hand-picks and adds emerging tech, ideas, companies within Healthcare, Financial, eCommerce, Events, and Environment to its client portfolio.

SM2D augment by its proprietary intelligence


Each client undergoes “C2I” (Collective and Competitive Intelligence), SM2D’s custom and proprietary investment, intelligence, and analysis development.

SM2D amplify by it's TK Systems Platform


SM2D then markets and licenses its TK Systems platform globally through its portfolio: TK Health, TK Self-Sufficient, TK Financial, TK Retail, and TK Events.

How are we different?

We are not a startup incubator or accelerator. We’re not an investment firm. We’re not a venture capital firm. We selectively identify the technology that matches our key markets, values and philosophy, and then embrace and invest in those clients for the long haul. Our proprietary marketing and operations program is customized and unique to each client’s passion, project or technology, and we often facilitate connections between clients to create even more value for all.

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